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ACC celebrated its 43rd anniversary in 2021, and while looking back at ACC’s successes is important, it is even more critical to look forward. To that end, ACC is undertaking a refresh of our Strategic Plan. This process has involved surveying ACC members and member firms on current trends in an ever-evolving industry and reassessing the value of ACC’s services. The ACC Board of Directors was fully engaged in taking input and identifying key focus areas to help drive ACC’s future in a direction that most benefits our members. We are pleased to provide a bold, new vision for the future of ACC under three strategic pillars:

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Our Goals


ACC will identify and inform members about airport development and industry trends in the post COVID-19 era, and serve as a resource for a broad range of private firms in the airport development industry.

GOAL #1: Be the industry’s leading resource for identifying emerging aviation trends and innovations, and provide timely information

GOAL #2: Expand ACC’s reach into the broader airport development industry

GOAL #3: Be an effective resource to ACC firms on improving business practices and operations


ACC will effectively advocate for the unique interests of airport development companies by first identifying and, if necessary, responding to the needs of its members to maximize resources for airport projects, an efficient project review and approval process, and an open, competitive marketplace.

GOAL #1: Identify and promote new opportunities for maximum financial resources and options available for airport development projects

GOAL #2: Identify and advocate innovative approaches to accelerate regulatory decision timeframes and maximize flexibility to deliver airport projects more efficiently

GOAL #3: Foster a competitive business environment for private-sector airport development companies


ACC will increase the awareness of opportunities for talented professionals to succeed in the vibrant aviation field. As a long-term byproduct, ACC will improve the diversity of aviation and ACC leaders by establishing strategic partnerships, leveraging the ACC Institute, and increasing membership diversity, participation and mindset within ACC events.

GOAL #1: Promote aviation as a career

GOAL #2  Increase diversity in the industry

GOAL #3: Enhance engagement and participation by young professionals and new aviation professionals in ACC events and training

ACC will accomplish goals by:

  • Leveraging the ACC Training Hub
  • Increasing collaboration and partnerships with affiliate organizations
  • Convening thought-leaders within and outside the aviation industry
  • Periodically polling the membership to ascertain top advocacy needs and priorities
  • Elevating the role of ACC Committees in identifying trends and education
  • Proactively engaging FAA, USDOT, DHS, and international regulars/partners in updating standards and guidelines
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