A Message from ACC Annual Conference Committee Chair, Sri Kumar
Another year is nearing its close and so, like clockwork, another highly awaited ACC Annual Conference is here! Our 44th Annual brings us (back) to the Fort Myers area, at just the right time of year for networking and idea-sharing in sunny Florida. This year at the conference we will be “Illuminating the Future of Aviation”, a perfect theme in an era where technology and policy are driving faster-than-ever change in our industry. Our theme, too, sparks thoughts on local history. Thomas Edison, who made his winter home and laboratory just miles from the site of our conference, also worked diligently and selflessly to shape the future he saw ahead of him. I believe there’s something to be learned from the innovation and creativity of Edison that can be applied to the challenges we face today and brought to bear during the powerful discussions we’ll have at this conference.
Like current through a wire, our ideas and actions at this 44th Annual Conference have the chance to illuminate the industry’s path forward. I hope you’ll join us in November as we work to brighten the future.
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