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    The applicant will become the firm's OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE to ACC unless otherwise indicated. All individuals with the firm are members, and eligible to participate in ACC and receive member discounts. The official representative will receive all invoices and will be the voting representative.

    The official representative and up to four additional contacts receive ACC publications, e-mail alerts and are listed in the print and web versions of the ACC Membership Directory.

    By providing your email address to ACC, you are consenting to receive electronic communications from ACC and contracted third-part vendors. Read our Privacy and Data Policy

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    In 50 words or less, please provide a description of your firm's services or products as you wish it to appear in ACC publications and communications announcing your membership and in the ACC Membership Directory.

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    Each member firm pays annual dues in the amount that corresponds to a specific membership category and tiered dues level based on aviation revenue. Payment must accompany membership application. Dues will be prorated based upon the quarter received and any credit will be applied to the following years invoice.

    Participating Members: $2,640
    Individual (sole proprietor): $750
    Under $2.5 million: $1,925
    $2.5 million - $10 million: $2,860
    $10 million - $25 million: $3,300
    At or over $25 million: $5,000

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