Industry News | FAA Deputy Administrator Brad Mims Discusses Workforce Diversity

(Photo: Bombardier)

During a Bombardier celebration last week, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Deputy Administrator Brad Mims spoke on the importance of collaboration and diversity in the aviation industry’s workforce. Mims sited the need for pilots, air traffic controllers, airway safety specialists, aviation maintenance technicians, and safety inspectors along with newer skills like drone pilots, cybersecurity specialists, data analysts, and social media specialist.

During last October’s ACC’s 43rd Annual Conference, Mims spoke on the same topic, bringing up the need encourage students to pursue an education within the aviation fields. In January, the FAA awarded $10 million in Aerospace Workforce Development education grants for pilot and aviation maintenance technicians. The intention of these grants and similar programs is to foster collaboration within the aviation industry to bring in a more diverse workforce. “When an organization has people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, they can look at things from every angle, make better decisions, innovate at greater rates, and solve problems faster,” says Mims.

Read more on Deputy Administrator Brad Mim’s thoughts on diversity in the industry here.  

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