Global Airport Business Development Toolkit

ACC Global Airport Business Development Toolkit


This webpage responds to the expanding interest and participation of the ACC membership in global airport development projects.  Its primary purpose is to familiarize firms with what it takes to succeed in the global market and to identify resources that are readily available to bolster the probability of being selected for projects. In addition, this site seeks to identify the principal risks inherent in working globally and to describe how to go about mitigating these risks.

The ACC Globalization Committee is compiling this webpage as a series of brief summaries that link to more in-depth resources. The sections currently available are ‘Marketing and Promotion,’ ‘Project Pursuits,’ and ‘Financial Institutions.’ Additional sections that may be added include: Contractual Do’s and Don’ts; Local Insurance Issues; Currency and Tax Considerations; and Proposal Documentation and Legal Considerations. The goal of the Committee is to continuously improve the content of this webpage.

If you have questions or suggestions concerning this webpage, please contact ACC Headquarters.

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