ACC News | ACC Briefed on FAA Initiative to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Airports

Members of the ACC Planning and Environmental Committee and Terminal Committee held an extensive discussion with FAA representatives this week on options and opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from airports. Thanks to Chris Musei-Sequeira (CJSC LLC), ACC Planning and Environmental Committee Chair, and Jen Wolchansky (Mead & Hunt) for helping to facilitate the discussion. The FAA and other DOT agencies are undertaking a coordinated initiative to get to net-zero emissions by 2050. ACC participants provided FAA insights into the applicability and limitations of existing FAA programs that address emission reductions, and offered feedback on methods and tools airports are using to measure emissions. The FAA will be issuing a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) regarding the availability of $250 million in FY 2022 AIP discretionary funding for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming weeks. Further discussions and collaboration will take place in the coming months, including the July 18-20 Airports Technical Workshop in Washington.

Read the full Guardian article to learn more.

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