Contracting Toolkit


Over the years ACC has developed a number of resources intended to educate the industry on consultant procurement and contracting practices. These resources will help facilitate an efficient process that will ensure project success.

Best Practices for Consultant Selection PPT
This presentation provides an overview of good practices that will ensure an efficient and effective consultant selection process.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14E – Contracting for Planning, Architectural and Engineering Services
This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance for airport sponsors in the selection and engagement of architectural, engineering, and planning consultants. It also discusses services that normally would be included in an airport grant project, types of contracts for these services, contract format and provisions, and guidelines for determining the reasonableness of consultant fees.

Sample RFQ for On-Call Services
The ACC Procurement Committee created this resource to help airport sponsors procure on-call airport architectural, engineering, and planning consultant services.

Improving the Quality of Airport Projects: ACC/FAA Best Practices
The Best Practices document provides airport consultants and FAA staff guidelines on how to improve communications and relationships, with the overall goal of enhancing the airport project delivery process. The updated version contains new sections and enhancements, and has been structured to follow the development of an airport project. It is an important tool to help consultants and FAA navigate the complexities of improving our nation’s airports.

Airport Owner’s Guide to Project Delivery Systems
This updated white paper presents a list of the widely used project delivery systems (PDS) and offers guidance in selecting the most advantageous PDS. The document analyzes what conditions influence project success and discusses the types of project conditions for which each PDS is most applicable and offers the greatest potential to deliver a successful project.

Consultant Teaming Guidelines
These consultant teaming guidelines and checklist have been developed by the ACC to facilitate the consultant teaming process.  Consultants are encouraged to use these guidelines and checklist to facilitate communication among team members, particularly regarding each member’s roles and responsibilities, prior to initiating the pursuit of a project.

Port of Seattle Error & Omissions Letter
ACC recommended that the Port of Seattle’s error and omissions (E&O) policy include provisions that ensure fairness and a collaborative approach to solving problems when they occur during projects.

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