Finance & Project Delivery Committee

Chair | Ortez Gude, Citiri
Vice Chair | Ianam Tassada Stuart, JE Dunn
Young Professional Liaison | Nicole Martucci, Orion Engineers

The ACC Finance & Project Delivery Committee plays a key role in educating the airport development industry and owners on project delivery systems. The committee keeps ACC members informed about current and upcoming industry trends, and monitors and advocates for maximum opportunities to fund and finance airport projects. The committee is guided by the ACC Strategic Plan of identifying innovative approaches to accelerate regulatory decision timeframes and maximize flexibility to deliver airport projects more efficiently as well as be an effective resource to ACC firms on improving business practices and operations. The committee provides insights on how private funding can be used to help finance capital programs


Committee Meeting

Committee Updates

March 17, 2022

An array of ACC members was invited to review and provide feedback on updated modules to be included in the 12th Edition of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Airport Design Reference Manual. The following ADRM modules were reviewed: Concepts of Operations; Construction Delivery; Landside Access; Pandemic Resilience and Healthy Buildings; Peak Period Forecasting; Demand Capacity Calculations; Terminal Accessibility; and Sustainability. Many thanks to Steve Riano from Bechtel for his leadership and coordination of the ADRM review effort. 

List of Participants

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