Young Professionals Webinars & Quarterly Calls

The Young Professionals Committee organizes quarterly webinars aimed at providing technical or professional development skills for industry professionals. Topics range from FAA and TSA 101 to airport finance and development, to personal financing and networking.

Quarterly Calls are also organized for all ACC young professionals to learn about upcoming projects, committee updates, and events. It’s an opportunity to get involved with ACC and connect with your peers.

Quarterly Call

Register for the Quarter 2 Call on June 3 at 2:00 p.m. EST! Catch up on what the committee has been working on since the Symposium; hear from the Young Professional Liaisons on what other committees have been up to; learn from our knowledgeable and experienced guest speakers; and enjoy networking!

We’ll be joined by speakers from both the airport and consulting sides who will delve into their experiences with a recently completed runway project at Indianapolis International Airport. Each speaker will provide their unique perspectives on the project, the hurdles they encountered, and the key factors that contributed to a successful outcome. Be sure to tune in to hear their insights and connect with other young professionals. 


Career Transitions | June 18, 2024 | 1:00 p.m. EDT

In our fast-paced aviation industry, young professionals must have the right tools and insights to navigate transitions smoothly. Whether you’re contemplating a switch within the sector or eyeing new horizons, this webinar offers an opportunity to gain invaluable insights. With a blend of informative presentations and an engaging panel discussion, this webinar promises practical strategies and firsthand advice from industry experts who have successfully taken different career paths. From transitioning between consultancy firms and airports to navigating shifts from governmental agencies to vendor companies, the webinar covers a spectrum of transitions, ensuring attendees gain insights applicable to their career trajectories. Be sure to tune in for an engaging discussion!

On Demand Webinars

Airports from the Vendor Perspective

The group of industry-leading panelists will share their perspectives as vendors that contract with airports. Vendors are firms that provide a good or service to an airport for many varying needs. They may also serve the role of “consultant to the consultant”, providing technical guidance, insights, and pricing information to airport consultants that are ultimately incorporated into plans, designs, bid documents, and construction specifications. This webinar is free and fitting for new and young aviation professionals.

Aviation Planning 101 

Planning is one of the first steps in the capital development process for airports and for aviation systems. Following up on the popular “Plangineer” session from the 2023 ACC/AAAE Symposium, this webinar will delve into the basics of aviation planning through a handful of lenses related to various functional areas of airports or aviation systems. 

Advocacy 101 

What does “advocacy” mean within the airport consulting industry? Hosted by the ACC Young Professionals Committee, this webinar is open to everyone and will explore exactly that.

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