ACC News | Young Professionals are Innovating at the 2024 Symposium

Often when we think of innovation at airports, we focus on new technology, artificial intelligence, and electrification. While all relevant, the Innovation Track seeks to prove that innovation in today’s world goes beyond these definitions. To us, innovation means creating stronger teams through diversity, harnessing technology to improve processes, assisting the growth of young professionals, and developing innovative solutions to outstanding problems. During the Innovation Track sessions, our panelists will discuss strategies for implementing culture change, real-word applications of technology solutions, the future of AI in airport planning and design, and how to engage in industry speaking opportunities.

The moderators, panelists, and hosts involved with the Innovation Track make it especially important and relevant to Young Professionals. Two of the sessions, Opportunities for AI in Aviation – Developing Innovative Solutions for Planning and Design and Raising your Profile and Expanding your Professional Reach, are co-hosted by ACC’s Young Professionals Forum’s Chair Molly Statler (PGAL) and Past-Chair Abigail See (Jacobsen|Daniels). Additionally, these sessions will be planned and moderated by young professionals. We know that today’s young professionals lead the charge in driving innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our dynamic engagement in the Innovation Track ensures a series of impactful and crucial sessions – we look forward to seeing you there.

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Amanda Sheridan
Young Professional Innovation Track Host
Senior Engineer
McFarland Johnson, Inc.

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