ACC News | Why Do Young Professionals Benefit From the T/F Symposium Track?

As the Young Professional Host for the Terminal/Landside Track, I am excited about this unique opportunity to have a “front row seat” to the latest insights that our industry’s best and brightest have to share with us. For young professionals, this Symposium serves as a gateway to unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing us to connect with seasoned experts, gain insights into groundbreaking projects, and cultivate mentorship relationships. The Terminal/Landside Track in particular will offer a wealth of insights and opportunities for young professionals in the aviation industry.

The “Digital Identification Program for Check-in” session provides a glimpse into the future of touchless self-service airport processes, shedding light on how airlines and airports collaborate to streamline check-in journeys. In the session “Wheels-up: The New Flight Path for Post-Pandemic Terminals“, young professionals can gain a broader perspective by exploring the shifts in various industries and applying these lessons to innovate aviation terminal design and operations, adapting to evolving consumer needs. The “Innovation in Aviation: The Future of Mass Timber” session introduces a sustainable approach to airport designs, allowing young professionals to explore the possibilities and challenges of incorporating mass timber in projects. The “PDX Terminal Core Redevelopment” session provides practical insights into overcoming operational challenges during roof installations, offering valuable lessons for those involved in airport development projects. Lastly, the “Innovative Blending of Art and Immersive Multimedia” session offers a unique perspective on enhancing the passenger experience by merging art and technology in airports, allowing young professionals to understand how to create a sense of place through engaging multimedia and local art installations. Attending these sessions promises to equip young professionals with the knowledge and inspiration needed to contribute to the future of airport planning and design.

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Jack Walfish
Young Professional Terminal/Landside Track Host
The JW Group, Inc.

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