ACC News | The Hold Room Podcast: Engineering/Airside Track 2024 Symposium

Step into The Hold Room for the newest episode!

Join us in The Hold Room for the latest episode with 2024 Symposium Engineering/Airside Track Host Curtis Brown (Woolpert) and Young Professional Track Host Danielle Tabb (Woolpert). Curtis and Danielle spoke with Kisa Hanlon (Swanson Rink) and Laura Canham (McFarland Johnson) about their sessions on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), changes in materials and techniques, and Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Want to hear more? 

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Read the transcript here.

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Curtis Brown
Engineering/Airside Track Host
Senior Project Manager

Danielle Tabb
Young Professional Engineering/Airside Track Host
Project Manager

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