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Hello fellow friends, industry, and colleagues! Jack and I are very excited to invite you to the 2024 Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from March 5-7. We’re looking forward to bringing you thought-provoking panels and presentations to stimulate ideas on how we can best improve terminal/landside facilities for airports. As an industry, we continue to show how we are improving the passenger experience post-pandemic with the deployment of technology, adapting to new terminal design, and construction techniques from other industries; all while ensuring airports reflect their local geographic and cultural sense of place. This year, as Track Host and Young Professional Host, we are proud to announce the workshop topics below to be included in this year’s agenda. More future updates to come as we fine-tune the program.

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Melvin Price, C.M., MBA
PM/CM Track Host
Senior Associate Principal – ORAT Practice Leaders

Annabelle Tran
Young Professional PM/CM Track Host
Project Manager

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