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We are excited to see everyone at the 2024 Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 5-7. We have worked hard to plan engaging and valuable sessions to help us prepare for the future of aviation. Our industry is on the verge of a shift in technologies that will make aviation more accessible. Planning is critical to successfully implement advanced air mobility, sustainability and resiliency measures, and capital projects at airports of all sizes. Improving how we plan, fund, and manage airport surroundings (by safeguarding approaches and promoting compatible land uses) benefits both the airport’s financial success and operational effectiveness. Finally, it’s crucial to consider environmental impacts, as recent updates and changes in guidance and regulations can potentially affect projects. The objective of our sessions is to help airports and their consultants better understand the ever-changing planning and environmental landscape, so they can plan and prepare for project scoping and implementation.

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Melissa Vasher
Planning Track Host
Aviation Project Manager
Hanson Professional Services, Inc.

Shawn Gibbs
Young Professional Planning Track Host
Environmental Specialist
Hanson Professional Services, Inc.

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