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As the Young Professional Host for the Engineering/Airside Track, the entire planning process has been thrilling. We have leading technical industry, consultant, airport, and FAA engineers eager to share their respective specialties!

As a newly turned civilian and former Air Force Civil Engineer I was honored and excited, to say the least, to be selected as a young professional to help lead the Engineering/Airside Track. I will say, the Department of Defense is different in how they do business. But there are two things common between the Department of Defense and the civilian sector: technical knowledge and networking. You’ll get both of those by attending the Engineering/Airside Track. 

We’ve got a great line-up for you. “Achieving ISI Envision Project Certification – The Sustainability Movement” will provide real world application to sustainable design. The session “PFAS & Other Contaminates – Water Quality Updates” is geared toward communicating remediation methods and tools for PFAS and other contaminates found on project sites. “Safety and Risk Management – Lessons Learned” showcases implementation of the new Safety Management Systems for Airports Advisory Circular and how it applies to Part 139 and smaller airports. For an overview of new innovative products and changes within pavement design, you’ve got to attend “Airfield Rehabilitation – Materials & Techniques”. Last but not least, “Advanced Air Mobility for Airfield Engineers” will offer insight into infrastructure challenges related to the fast-paced technology that is AAM. 

Not only will you get a front seat to these compelling sessions, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other people like you who are seeking more technical knowledge. You never know when those relationships might come in handy. 

Join us for the Engineering/Airside Track at the 2024 Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium!

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Danielle Tabb
Engineering/Airside Young Professional Track Host
Project Manager

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