ACC News | FAA Office of Airports Awarded ACC Agency Best Practices Award

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Airports was awarded the 2024 ACC Agency Best Practice Award during the ACC 45 Annual Conference, taking place this week in Vancouver, Canada. The award was accepted by Rich Swayze, Associate Deputy Administrator for the FAA.

This award was started because the membership of ACC believes that our agency partners play a vital role in the success of our industry. The ACC Agency Best Practices Award is designed to recognize excellence among those who work closely with the airport development community. All recipients are evaluated according to key Award criteria, including:

  • Showing a spirit of streamlining …people who are committed to keeping projects moving and on track.
  • A dedication to teamwork…people who really seem to enjoy the challenge of working with various partners (and personalities) on any given project or task.
  • Unwavering commitment to all stakeholders and a true commitment to improving the industry.

This year, our award winner is a little different. ACC wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the hard work of the FAA Office of Airports in distributing billions of dollars to airports through COVID relief bills and the IIJA. The FAA was able to quickly turn around essentially twice the amount of airport grants you normally do, and we know that individuals within ARP headquarters and the regions were integral in developing guidance, FAQs, and applications for new grants. This has resulted in the needed airport infrastructure projects across the country.

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