ACC News | 2024 Board of Directors Meets for Retreat

The 3rd annual ACC Board Retreat took place in Alexandria, VA this week to unify the 2024 Board of Directors in setting objectives for the upcoming year and familiarizing new members with their roles. Led by Board Chair Damon Smith (Mead & Hunt) and ACC President TJ Schulz, all board members attended, and Mariama Boney from Achieve More, LLC, led a session during the event centered on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan, fostering collaboration between ACC staff and the board. An engaging twist to the evening ensued with a networking dinner featuring a mysterious character-themed activity to unravel clues. The retreat culminated in a comprehensive all-day session, emphasizing priorities, mission, vision, and strategies post the 45th ACC Annual Conference, marking a robust conclusion to the event. The ACC Board and staff are excited for what we will accomplish alongside the ACC membership in 2024.

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