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ACC DEI Framework

Mission, Vision, Values, Principles, Definitions, and Dialogue Framework

As confirmed by the ACC Board of Directors, February 28, 2023


DEI Mission Statement 

ACC boldly integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion as foundational principles that guide and reliably and sustainably drive the collective needs of all ACC members, partners, and the communities in which the member firms serve.

DEI Vision Statement

We commit to advancing an environment of transparency in which all individuals and groups are intentionally heard, valued, respected, and supported. Pathways for connection and opportunity exist, while barriers that have prevented access to opportunity, participation, and outcomes for underrepresented groups will be removed.

DEI Values Statement 

The ACC is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community of aviation professionals. We believe in creating a welcoming and encouraging space for staff, members, and partners to promote courageous conversations and celebrate shared successes. It is essential to advocate and uplift diverse perspectives and experiences. We aim to advance aviation professionals’ representation through advocacy and mentorship. We are committed to addressing biases and discrimination by creating collaborative and transparent conversations for ACC partners to gain education, experience, and an understanding of innovative best practices.

DEI Principles

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion promotes the advancement of these fundamental principles: 

Diversity: Diversity is essential in ensuring the success of the ACC and its members. We understand that diversity is expressed in many forms, including, and not limited to, cultural identities, lived experience, professional experience, capabilities, skills, individual self-expression, identity, religion, and perspective. We strive to create a collaborative and psychologically safe environment that allows staff and members to share their authentic selves and perspectives.

Equity: We will ensure and enhance access to ACC resources, events, and professional development opportunities. We acknowledge that inequity exists within the aviation field and commit to identifying and challenging bias and discrimination of all types. We aim to engage in transparent and ongoing conversations and explore solutions to remove barriers to participation through governance, operations, and programs. We will use reliable data and information to impact our decisions.

Inclusion: We must pursue an environment where ACC staff and members feel a sense of community. We aim to increase the diversity of representation of individuals within ACC and the aviation field. We know this requires staff and members to diversify networks and provide mentorship support. We support an inclusive approach by ensuring that diverse perspectives and experiences are at the forefront of services and programs offered


DEI Definitions

Diversity: Supporting and advocating for broad representation of identities, including individual or group characteristics, experiences, and perspectives. 

Equity: Applying intentional thought to ensuring access to opportunities and resources for historically disenfranchised and underrepresented is considered. We will take a holistic approach to getting individuals the resources and support for their unique needs.

Inclusion: Creating a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative culture where individual and group differences as well as commonalities are encouraged, heard, respected, and valued. 


DEI Dialogue Framework

Encouraging: We foster an encouraging environment built on respect and integrity where unique ideas and perspectives are welcomed.

Accessible: We aim to increase access to opportunities, resources, and experiences to increase diversity of participation and membership.

Supportive: We promote a supportive culture where we mentor and support one another to increase collective success within the aviation field.

Collaborative: We create a collaborative environment for staff, members, and partners to work together in uncovering best practices and innovative solutions.

Intentional: We are intentional in our process to integrate DEI into our strategic framework, planning, and goals.

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