ACC Agency Best Practices Award

ACC Agency Best Practices Award


The purpose of the ACC Agency Best Practices Award is to draw attention to government agency individuals who exemplify teamwork, demonstrate an understanding of effective stakeholder interface, and exhibit an ability to be flexible and innovative.

Selection Criteria

The selection of the recipient is based upon the extent to which their contributions meet the following criteria:

  • shown a spirit for streamlining;
  • gone above and beyond to cooperate with stakeholders;
  • exemplified teamwork;
  • initiated or took part in an innovative project;
  • remained flexible and worked to benefit all involved

Past Recipients

2023    FAA Office of Airports

2022   N/A

2021   David Borcalli, Air Traffic Manager, FAA Lindbergh ATCT, and Manson Wong, Program Manager/Engineer, FAA Los Angeles ADO

2020   N/A

2019   Colorado Department of Aviation

2018   Bob Siris, Project Manager in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) New England Region Airports Division, Safety and Standards Branch

2017   Mario Wilson, TSA; Karen Miles, Northwest Mountain

2016   Amy Hanson, Great Lakes Region

2015   Cindy Hirsch, Northwest Mountain

2014   Leslie Grey, Lead Environmental Program Manager for the Alaskan Region Airports Division

2013   Suki Gill, FAA Northeast Region; David Sanchez, Civil Engineer, FAA NYADO

2012   Joan Seward, FAA NextGen

2011   Doug Hofsass, TSA; Aimee McCormick, Southern Region

2010   FAA Airports Division

2009   LaVerne F. Reid, New England Region; Mark McClardy, Western Pacific Region

2008   Ed Melisky, FAA HQ; Bob Cammaroto, TSA

2007   Matthew Di Giulian, P.E., Eastern Region; Rodney Joel, FAA HQ

2006   Jack Scott, Northwest Mountain Region; John Fowler, Eastern Region

2005   Greg Sweeney, Great Lakes Region; Joe Delia, Eastern Region

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