A Message from the Annual Conference Chair

Dear ACC members,

As we approach our annual conference, I am thrilled to share with you the inspiration behind this year’s theme: “Invited. Informed. Included. Opening doors and expanding networks.”

In my role as ACC Annual Conference Chair, one of the primary objectives I’ve held dear is the desire to not only bring together brilliant minds and innovative ideas but also to ensure that our gathering represents the diverse voices that define our field.

This year, our theme underscores three vital pillars that frame our conference:

  • Invited: We believe that no door should be closed to those who seek knowledge, collaboration, and growth. Every individual and company, regardless of firm size, should feel personally invited to join our conversations, share their insights, and learn from each other.
  • Informed: More than just a networking opportunity, the ACC Annual Conference has always been a platform for the exchange of the latest information, trends, and breakthroughs our organizations face. Being informed means equipping ourselves with the necessary tools and knowledge to make impactful contributions, not only in our personal careers but to the broader community and industry.
  • Included: True progress can only be achieved when everyone feels they have a stake in the outcome. Inclusivity is about more than just being present; it’s about ensuring that every voice is heard, respected, and valued. By fostering an environment where all participants feel they belong, we not only enrich our discussions but also set the stage for collaborative breakthroughs.

The phrase “Opening doors and expanding networks” serves as a reminder of our commitment to accessibility and connectivity. Our aim is to break down barriers, be they physical, digital, economic, or socio-cultural, and create a space where opportunities are abundant and relationships are fostered.

As we progress with our preparations, I hope you share our excitement and commitment to making this conference an event that embodies our chosen theme. I welcome any feedback, suggestions, or thoughts you may have, and look forward to the rich tapestry of ideas and collaborations this year’s location and theme will surely inspire.

Warm regards,

Rhea Hanrahan

Principal Consultant


ACC Annual Conference Chair

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