A Message from ACC Board Chair Matthew Wenham
What are YOU Going to DO to Create ACC’s Future?

It’s an exciting time in the growing and thriving aviation industry—especially here at ACC, where we’re seeing record membership! We’re especially enthusiastic about the high level of participation in our Young Professionals (YP) Forum, which is reaching across the spectrum to diverse specialists across our profession. ACC is one of the industry’s leading professional organizations, with strong branding and recognition with experts at all levels. Our recently launched online ACC Training Hub is poised to provide exceptional value to our members and further expand our reach. All in all, the outlook for ACC is outstanding.
I’ve spent my entire career at C&S Companies and recognize the current challenges facing firms like ours. We are working hard to find and retain quality and diverse talent. As Boomers leave the workforce, there just aren’t enough aviation-focused younger professionals to take their place. We also continue to encourage traditionally underrepresented groups like women and minorities to join this exciting field.
ACC’s mission and goals have remained consistent, and we have introduced a new strategic plan to achieve them. The three key focus areas in this initiative are:
  • Future of airports and industry trends
  • Human capital and diversity
  • Advocacy
With so much positive growth and new strategy, we are reaching out to our talented members and asking you to step forward to help shape the next stage of ACC. Nobody knows this business like you do, and your expertise, passion, and dedication are the foundation for continued success. Your participation in ACC committees will help execute this strategy to strengthen and diversify ACC, while also giving you a meaningful, rewarding experience.
Committees are focused on specific areas of aviation, and include Engineering, Planning & Environmental, Finance & Project Delivery, Security, Terminal & Facilities, and Advocacy. To join a committee, go to our website to sign up, or attend the committee meetings at the symposium in Denver on February 19 to get involved.
An essential part of strategy is what you are going to DO to create your future. So here’s a glimpse what we’re going to DO—with your help—to push ACC forward:

  • Engage members through the valuable LMS and thriving YP Forum. Check out new training opportunities with ACC Training Hub.
  • Collaborate with other industry groups whom we haven’t engaged with in the past.
  • Involve ACC members, committees, and board members in all of our initiatives.
Keep an eye out for more frequent interaction and opportunities for engagement, consistent issue-oriented news and updates, and events from ACC. We’re all in this great industry together, and with your help, ACC is in a unique position to make a positive impact on airport development. I encourage everyone to find at least one way to support and embrace our renewed strategy to position ACC for the next 40 years.
ACC Board of Directors Chair
Matthew Wenham, C&S Companies
Vice President, Aviation Engineering & Construction