2024 ACC Foundation Chair – Rhea Hanrahan

Rhea Hanrahan

Director, Aviation Environmental and Sustainability, HMMH

Degree: B.S., Physics
Alma Matter: Ithaca College
Years worked in the industry: 15

How did you end up in the airport development industry?

My academic journey fueled my fascination with problem-solving and analytical thinking. While I didn’t initially envision a path in the airport industry, my love for complex systems and their dynamics naturally drew me to explore opportunities in airport development.

What do you currently do in the industry?

As Director, I manage a diverse portfolio of environmental noise and air quality projects, specializing in aviation noise and NEPA. I lead public outreach, modeling programs, and oversee a range of aviation noise consulting projects. Responsible for group management, I prioritize project delivery, staffing, and client relationships, driving continuous improvement and staff development.

What advice would you give to a college student considering a career in the airport development industry?

My advice to aspiring professionals in the airport development industry would be to stay curious, embrace challenges, and seek opportunities for continuous learning. Networking and mentorship are invaluable, so don’t hesitate to connect with experienced individuals in the field.

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