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Cover Story
The Future of Air Cargo
By Daniel B. Muscatello, Landrum & Brown,Inc.Image        

Over the past decade, thegoods movement industry has experienced dramatic changes. Businesseshave become increasingly reliant on speed, e-commerce, and high speedlogistics, while outside factors such as terrorism, SARS, militaryconflicts and a global recession have forced the industry to adjust. Thecombination of these factors requires airports to re-examine theirbusiness goals, market priorities, and physical capacity in order tomeet these challenges. More...

Does Your Airport Client Need High Speed Checked BaggageScreening?
By Peter Kant, Rapiscan Systems 

The aviation industryis witnessing a transformation in the design and development of aviationhold baggage screening. This year, in alignment with their checkedbaggage re-capitalization program, the Transportation SecurityAdministration (TSA) will be testing high speed explosives detectionsystems (EDS) for checked baggage screening for acquisition anddeployment. Airports with growing traffic will need tounderstand the new possibilities available to them when planning fortheir checked baggage inspection systems (CBIS). Full article...

Parkers are Prime Airport Customers
By Owen Curtis, HNTB

In the world of airports, the focus ison aircraft, airlines and airline passengers. But these complexfacilities are not just about flying. They are are the largestintermodal terminals in North American cities. Among the many otherforms of transportation they incorporate, the automobile is dominant.And like aircraft, autos need a place to stop - a parking place. Whetherit's needed for a few minutes, a few hours, or many days, parkingenables the intermodal transfer to take place, and it is an integral andprofitable aspect of airport operations. Moreover, parking is often thefirst or last experience for the airport customer, so the quality ofparking you deliver can define the customer's experience of yourfacility. Read more...

"Great Moments are Born From Great Opportunity." - HerbBrooks
Terry A. Ruhl, P.E., CH2M HILL, ACC 2011 Board of DirectorsChair

I couldn't resist following thelead of our former chair, by initiating the conversation with a quote.Ron Peckham has always been very inspirational to me, and as anorganization, we were very fortunate to be under his leadership for thepast year. I truly look forward to serving the organization in the boardchair position for 2011, and I can assure you that I will reflect theinterests of the entire organization, the interests of vendors,suppliers, contractors, and consultants alike. Fullupdate...

After All
Collision Course: Falling Receipts Threatenthe Future of the Federal Aviation Trust Fund
By T.J. Schulz, ACC

The airport developmentindustry has faced challenging times over the past decade. The events of9/11 and the recent global economic recession have resulted infundamental shifts in air travel and air carrier service, which has hadprofound impacts on how airports are approaching their capitaldevelopment programs. These events have also had another negative impactthat could seriously threaten the viability of the federal-aid aviationprogram in the future.  Fullstory...  

Executive Spotlight

On any given flight over the Western United States, landmark Swinertonprojects can be seen for miles below. Passengers making their waythrough the airport may also find themselves passing by a Swinertonproject or two... Full spotlight...

Associate Spotlight

Simio LLC

The customer experience is asharedresponsibility. No single organization is directly responsible foroverall customer satisfaction - it takes a cooperative effor from allthose involved in groundside, terminal and airside sectors and theirrespective consultants. From the time the customer steps out of thecab, checks their bags, grabs a quick lunch, passes throughsecurity, rides the escalator and boards the plane, he or she hascome into contact with airline, airport authority, goverment agenciesand various service providers. Full spotlight...


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