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Cover Story
Going Global: A Primer to Entering InternationalAviation Markets
By Vinayak "VinImagenie" Khera, Harris Miller Miller &Hanson, Inc.

Aviation is a globalindustry. India, China, the Middle-East and Europe are continuing toexperience growth and are positioning themselves in anticipation ofpassenger, cargo and operations demand increases. For some countries,such as India and China, this means expansion of existinginfrastructure, new terminals, new runways and additional taxiways,amounting to a curb-to-runway redesign. In cases where the redesign ofexisting facilities is not deemed sufficient, entirely new airports arebeing planned, designed and constructed. This amounts to one thing forsmall and large aviation firms alike — global opportunities. More...

A Secret Weapon in Airport Privatization
By Timothy Harwood, Overseas Private InvestmentCorporation (OPIC) 

Here's atip:As the global economy emerges— slowly — from its long recession, American investors woulddo well to consider a potentially very lucrative target for theircapital: airport privatizations in emerging markets. Full article...

Speed it Up! Passengers Desire More Self-Service
By Kristin Shaw, SITA

Self-service in the travelindustry has soared in the last couple of years, but travelers seem towant even more according to the results just released from the5th annual SITA/AirTransport World PassengerSelf-Service Survey. The study takes an in-depth look at the attitudesand habits of a representative sample of the 287.6 million passengerswho use seven international airports in different regions of theworld.   Read more...

"Make measurable progress in reasonable time." - JimRohn
Ronald L. Peckham, P.E., C&C Companies, ACC 2010 Board ofDirectors Chair

The first time I heard thismessage was in my sophomore year in engineering college from my SoilMechanics professor, William Harrison. Professor Harrison’s heavyaccent clearly reflected that he had spent much of his life in theBoston area. And so, when he encouraged us to be diligent anddisciplined in our studies, it was translated from Bostonian as“Boys, you are going to find that this course is just like life,its haaaard bythe yaaaard, butit’s a cinch by the inch.” Little did we appreciate howvaluable that wisdom would turn out to be. That wisdom has also beenreflective of the way the membership and staff of ACC moved theorganization ahead this past year. Fullupdate...

After All
A New Focus on Davis-Bacon
By Christopher O'Shaughnessy, Thompson Hine

With unprecedentedscrutiny over the federal funding provided for construction projectsthrough the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), compliancewith the Davis-Bacon Act 1 is beingscrutinized more closely than ever. As the Department of Labor steps upenforcement, federally funded construction projects are a minefield forthe unprepared. Airport contractors should be extra vigilant regardingDavis-Bacon requirements and ensure they remaincompliant. Fullstory...  

Executive Spotlight

ACOR Consultants is a medium-sized, Australian engineering firm, foundedin 1997, that creates environmentally sustainable engineered solutions.Over the years, ACOR has strengthened its credibility through hands-ondesign management, a sustainable approach to development and ongoingresearch into emerging technologies. These distinctive qualities haveresulted in numerous industry awards and a reputation for venturingbeyond industry standards to deliver remarkable designsolutions. Full spotlight...

Associate Spotlight

Zoeftig Inc.
Innovative, design-led seating! Withclean lines, durability, comfort and sustainability, there is only onemarket leader for seating in the world — Zoeftig. Full spotlight...


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