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Cover Story
Changes in Attitudes
Keys to Successful Project Partnerships
By David B. Hanson, Walbridge and ThomasP. Darmody, HOK

Is it just a coincidence that Jimmy Buffet uses images and metaphorsabout airports and airplanes in his song "Changes in Latitudes, Changesin Attitudes," or was he trying to lead us in the direction ofunderstanding why "changes in attitudes" are so necessary to thesuccessful use of APDS (Alternative Project Delivery Systems) inconstructing projects at the nation's airports? Full story....

Special Cover Story
Hartsfield-Jackson Leader DeCosta Named ACC 2010Aviation Award of Excellence Recipient
Award to be presented at the ACC Annual Conference in PonteVedra Beach, FL on November 9, 2010

Benjamin R. DeCosta, Department of Aviation general manager forHartsfield Jackson Internation Airport, has been selected as therecipient of the ACC 2010 Aviation Award of Excellence. DeCosta won theaward amid well-qualified nominees for his leadership and commitment tointeraction and cooperation with the industry during extensivedevelopment at the world's largest airport. Read more...

Special Feature
NextGen for Airports
The Near-Term Perspective
By Chris Sontaie Ferrell, Aviation ManagementAssociates, Inc.

The airport development industry is on the cusp of a fundamentalchange - a wide-reaching shift in what is needed to succeed and howbusinesses approach airport. The precipitating initiative in the UnitedStates is NextGen. Read more...

Consultants Perspective
The Force Behind Community Involvement and Airport Planning inPortland, Oregon
By Sean Loughran, Port of Portland; andC.F Booth and Zoe Haseman, JacobsConsultancy

Master plans have emerged as an effective means for airport operatorsto integrate sustainability concepts into airport development programsat the earliest possible time. The benefits of integratingsustainability into the Portland International Airport (PDX) Master PlanUpdate included facilitating collaboration and consensus building withinthe community, contributing to the increased protection of naturalresources, reaching agreement on a pragmatic, long range developmentplan, and streamlining the process for future planning and development.Read more...

Executive Update
"Strategy is not about what we will do in's about what we will do today to create our future." - VijayGovindarajan, GE's Professor in Residence andChief Innovation Consultant
By Ronald L. Peckham, P.E., C&SCompanies
ACC 2010 Board of Directors Chair

When you boil down strategy and associated plans to their essence,they consist of two parts: vision and its empower dance partner -execution. What I've noticed is that, both at work and at home, we oftenbecome distracted by the details of life after the visioning process. Read more...

After All
When Grants are Not Enough
By Lisa Harmon and Stephanie Ward, Mead &Hunt, Inc.

Most state and local government budgets are awash in red ink.Airports have felt the pinch from the reduction in state and localspending, particularly general aviation (GA) airports. State budget cutstranslate to fewer dollars in local coffers and for the airports theyoperate, and many states have terminated their airport grant programs.Full story...

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