Spring 2010

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New Directions in Airport Safety
Clarifying SMS, SRM and the Safety Case
By Dave Fleet, Dave Fleet Consulting; Joanne Landry, LandryConsulting; Deirdre Cowden-Templeton, Cowden-Templeton Consulting (CTC);and Kevin Vandeberg, Barge, Waggoner, Summer & Cannon, Inc.

Airport consultants have likely heard about the FAA-driven safetyinitiatives that are beginning to impact airport clients: SafetyManagement Systems (SMS), Safety Risk Management (SRM) and Safety Cases.These are exciting efforts but, as with any significant change, theirimplementation has generated confusion. Over the past year, there havebeen many questions from airport consultants and operators about theseprograms. What do SMS, SRM and Safety Cases require of airports? How tothey differ? What is their impact to airport operators both now and inthe future? Read more…

Special Feature
NextGen for Airports: The Far-Term Perspective
By Diana Khera, Director Airport and Airpspace Planning, HarrisMiller Miller & Hanson Inc.

Many of the near-term applications and plans under the FederalAviation Administration’s (FAA) NextGen initiative are widelyunderstood within the aviation industry. The implementation of newPerformance-Based Navigation (PBN) routes and procedures will lead toenhancements in the use of airspace, resulting in increased safety,efficiency and environmental benefits. The latest version of FAA’sNextGen Implementation Plan will provide additional detail and clarityon these near-term applications. But what about longer-term NextGeninitiatives and what will they mean for airport facilities? Full story…

Consultants Perspective
Closing the Communication Gap: The Right People, Using theRight Words at the Right Time
By Michael Kenney and Paul Sanford, KB EnvironmentalSciences

George Bernard Shaw, the 19th Century Nobel Prize andOscar-winning journalist, playwright and social commentator oftenremarked that “The problem with communication…is theillusion that it has been accomplished.” Even the mostknowledgeable, experienced and articulate among us can fail tocommunicate important information to the very audiences that have thegreatest need to know and understand it. Unfortunately, this disconnect,or “gap” between the messenger and recipient makes itincreasingly difficult to communicate with the public on environmentalimpacts of airport operations, especially when talking about risks tohuman health. Recognizing these different languages of riskcommunication makes it easier to define this challenge and construct aremedy. Read more…

Executive Update
“I Skate to where the puck is going to be, notwhere it is.” – Wayne Gretziky
By Ronald L. Peckham, P.E., C&S Companies

This simple wisdom captures ACC’s need for vision, strategy andexecution as we anticipate marketplace and industry changes that couldbe ahead. Read more…

ACC Sustainability Corner
A Sustainability Resource for Consultants
By William Keller, AICP, LEED-AP (BD+C), Reynolds, Smith &Hills, Inc.

The recently unveiled Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance (SAGA)database enables consultants to provide organized and cataloguedsustainability solutions for airport clients. The database includesalmost 1,000 sustainability practices and applications at airports.While this is a daunting amount of information, the resource isextremely flexible, allowing data to be reviewed, searched and sorted innumerous ways. In fact, the database was used with great success on arecent airport master plan update  in helping to identify andcategorize a menu of sustainability and conservation initiatives. Read more…

After All
A Guide for Success: Updates to the AASHTO Audit Guidelinesand What it Means for You
By Dan Purvine, Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc.

Is your firm compliant with the latest guidance on determiningindirect cost rates? How are you evaluating executive compensation? Isyour CPA firm qualified to conduct an audit? Full story…

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