Summer 2013

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Making Your New Hires Count
Grice Whiteley, Grice Group LLC

Remember a few years back when the industry was cranking out domestic airport projects and firms and airports couldn’t get their hands on enough qualified people to employ? Things have slowed down considerably since that time, but recently, as the industry seems noticeably busier, many firms have found themselves returning to the old adage ‘good help is hard to find.’ More...

Special Feature
Voices of Aviation
Perspectives on aviation careers from airport development experts.

Those who work at ACC member companies are making invaluable contributions to the development and operation of airports around the globe year after year. A worthwhile question, especially in today’s industry ‘churn,’ is — Are those who work so hard on behalf of their companies also thinking about their career paths, what it means to be ‘successful’ as an individual and how to achieve professional ‘success’? We asked some of the ACC members for their insights concerning successful aviation career development in the current and future marketplace. More

Sidebar: Why the Y?
Clinton Webster, Foth Infrastructure and Environment, LLC

Short-Term Baggage Storage Systems Lead to Long-Term Success
Gaylloyd Dadyala, Vanderlande Industries

Timing is everything for airlines and airports that are trying to run a successful baggage handling operation. Ensuring the timely arrival of bags on a consistent basis is not an easy undertaking, especially when they are checked-in early or arrive early from connecting flights.

Many early bags end up lost or delayed. For the majority of passengers, this inconvenience is just seen as part of the reality of twenty-first century air travel that the traveling public must endure. For the airline, it is just part of the cost of doing business, and the related costs must be absorbed. The reality is that there is a solution to this everpresent problem: an Early Bag Storage (EBS) system for early check-in or transfer bags. An automated EBS system has the potential to greatly improve the customer experience of the baggage handling process, as well as operational costs and efficiency. More...

Keeping Up with a Constantly Evolving Industry
ACC 2013 Board of Directors Chair Andrew J. Platz, P.E., Mead & Hunt, Inc.

The effects of sequestration, alternative funding scenarios and an economy that vacillates between true recovery and a good short-term run have created a constantly changing environment where we are all trying to figure out what the future of aviation looks like. This environment pushes all of us to take a second look at our own firm’s business model and make adjustments to our focuses and strategies. This can be exciting, but also uncomfortable as change takes energy, clear communication and buy-in. Not everybody embraces change. More...

Executive Spotlight

Grice Group is focused exclusively on helping their client airport consulting firms and airports become more successful. They do this by finding the most talented people in the industry to come work for their clients. Grice Group’s signature service, what most ACC members know Grice for, is as a recruiter, headhunter, or executive search consultant. More...

What sets an airport apart today? It’s that distinct connection it makes with travelers — offering adventure, luxury, service, ease, enjoyment. Making that connection requires an enormous, coordinated effort across every function of your airport. Axis airport solutions fit in exactly where you need them, with cutting-edge network video to help you offer something better. That’s what raises expectations — not only for your own airport, but for the entire industry. More...

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