Changes to Runway and Taxiway Painting Procedures 
under Advisory Circular 150/5370-10, Item P620

The FAA has adopted language recommended in the Airfield Marking Handbook that provides new performance standards for airfield marking applicators. Under the changes:

  • Surface preparation is defined more clearly;
  • Initial retro-reflectivity levels are suggested; and
  • Equipment calibration techniques are offered. 

This webinar will provide an overview of the new runway and taxiway painting procedures, and offer insights on how to use the new standards and additional practices to maximize value for airports. Hear first-hand from experts involved with updating the standard.

Learning Objectives
Following completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

    Receive an overview of Item P620 - Runway and Taxiway Painting.
    Understand the changes in AC 150/5370-10, Item P620.
    Improving the results for your client - what the engineer can do.

Intended Audience
Airport consulting engineers, inspectors, airfield maintenance personnel, airport operators, pavement marking applicators

Donna Speidel, president of Sightline LLC,
is a known expert in the airfield making industry with over 40 years experience. She was the primary author of the Airfield Marking Handbook written for the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation through a CRA with the FAA. Her consulting business, Sightline LLC, has developed training for industry professionals designed to educate about the art and science of airfield markings. Sighline has conducted marking assesments for both commercial and general aviation airports, and has been instrumental in the evolution of their marking systems and methods.

The webinar will consist of instruction and a Power Point presentation. Prior to the session participants will be provided 1) a copy of the presentations and 2) a sign-in sheet to verify attendance. A certificate of participation will be provided after the webinar.

Professional Development
This webinar is eligible for 1 professional development hour (PDH). Two business days before the seminar, site hosts will receive a link to download the course material and a sign-in sheet to verify attendance. Participants interested in achieving PDHs must sign in on this sheet and submit the form to ACC by close of business the day of the webinar. ACC will send a certificate of participation after the webinar. Since continuing education credits vary from state to state, ACC strongly recommends that individuals check with local licensing organizations for specific requirements prior to registering and participating in this webinar.

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Friday, June 5, 2015
12:30 - 1:30 p.m. EDT

Registration Fees*

Members   $100 
FAA/Airports  $100 
Non-Members  $150 
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Registration is for each site and can be viewed by multiple staff. The registration deadline is three business days prior to start of the webinar. Late registrations may be accepted if space is available and will be assessed a $20.00 late fee. All faxed and mailed registrations must be accompanied by payment.