2015 Terminal & Facilities Committee

Chair: Tim Hudson | Atkins
Vice Chair: Jim Wilson | Jacobsen | Daniels
Board Liaison: David Kipp | Burns Engineering

Committee Roster

Current Issues
While design consultants stand to gain a significant benefit in the use of B.I.M. for project delivery, owners stand to benefit the most from the use of B.I.M. But that only holds true if an owner can define what they want out of the use of B.I.M., especially before B.I.M. delivery becomes a contract term. Is it just a design and construction tool, or is there a much bigger picture, such as asset or facility management.

The Terminal & Facilities Committee, as part of its technical committee objective, is to investigate how we, the aviation consultant community, can better educate owners on how they can define their ultimate need or want for a B.I.M. delivered project before defining the contract requirements. These significant decisions can impact project cost, schedule, technology and staffing.

The intended deliverable for this technical objective is a webinar as part of the ACC Institute, as well as the potential for a roundhouse discussion to include airport staff and committee members, at a future conference.

November 2014 Year-End Committee Report
November 2014 Committee Meeting Minutes in Tucson, AZ
January 2015 Conference Call Meeting Minutes