2015 Advocacy Committee

Chair: Kelly Rubino | EG Solutions, Inc.
Vice Chair: Gary Luczak | TranSystems Corporation
Board Liaison: Todd Knuckey | Atkins

Committee Roster

Current Issues
The most important issues are probably the next FAA reauthorization bill, raising the PFC and ho infrastructure and other capital needs are funded going forward. The overwhelming opinion of industry experts is that the funding of airport capital needs must fundamentally change in order to meet the needs of the industry going into the future. Analysis of future funding possibilities for the ATCT system, the relationship of PFC increases and the funding position of small and medium airports as well as adequate budgeting of Airport Improvement Funds will be high priority. Close coordination and interaction with the Finance & Project Delivery Committee will be critical to establish an ACC position on Federal and local policy issues.

November 2014 Year-End Committee Report